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Guidelines for Compressing Web Images.

If you have been using a website for some time you know how annoying slow loading ones can be. The reaction many people who experience this have is to leave the website and check something else. If you own a website this is not good for you because it means the clients will not be coming to you as frequently as you would wish them to. It is worth noting that images will determine the speed at which the website loads at. Big images will really slow down the website loading and this is why as the owner you need to compress the images before you upload them. There is no way you can just ignore the important images have on your site which is why you have to find a way around it.

Contrary to what many people believe reducing the size of the image is not the same as image compression. There will be no change in dimension. The simpler terms of explaining this is the removal of any kind of data that is embedded in your image. In addition the true resolution will be reduced and the overall effects you’ll have is a smaller size of the file. You will have one of the fastest websites if the files uploaded there are not large. In learning how to compress an image you should have a balance in quality and size of the file. If you take a look at the image formats available, you’re going to learn that there are several. Keep the pixels as low as possible. If you’re using the good kind of browsers you can get this done automatically. There is also the option to go with Photoshop or compression software in achieving great results.

Even though this is not common knowledge to many people, the way you save the image you want to be uploaded will influence your speed and performance in compression. The beauty of working with Photoshop is that you get to control the quality of the image and size with just a single tap because there is the option of saving the images for the web. Be sure to open the image in Photoshop to make sure you know how it is going to be on your site. When you are working with image compression software, there will be no much of work for you to do because the software does everything. You will come across a lot of them if you care to find them and this is the beauty of it. You can install some of them on your computer while the rest have to be assessed online. Learn as much as you can through experimentation.

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