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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art or skill in directing a great amount and quality of traffic from search engines to a company’s website through organic or search results. The more a company’s information ranks high on search engine result’s pages, the more traffic the company can direct to their website.

It is the use of certain favorable words that makes a company rank high when they are used on its online platforms. They are called keywords and they are what people commonly type in search engines to look for products and services of their interest. Good SEO is realized as a result of a company’s favorable site structure, coding, presentation, and content that allows search engines to index information from these angles and present it after a search has been prompted.

SEO is of two types; white hat and black hat SEO. White hat SEO is the type that search engines recommend as good practice. Its uprightness makes it last long on search engines database. Black hat SEO is the type that is not approved of by the search engines because it could be deceptive or the means by which it is posted is not acceptable. Search engines wipe out this type of SEO once it reaches their attention.

There are a number of tools that a company can use to enhance their SEO. The SEO toolkits we have today help a company to; identify keywords, list their websites in various directories, provide in-depth information about their websites and that of their competitors, and track their updates to all search engines to elevate it to the top. SEO toolkits are made to perform particular tasks or many of them at a go. A few of those available in the market are; SEMrush, SEOProfiler, web CEO, SEO Powersuite, and IBP.

Companies use SEO to initiate or improve brand awareness, sales leads, and sales revenue. SEO helps a company to position itself well in the market to attract targeted audience that has a higher chance of taking positive action. It is a cheap way to market compared to some other online marketing strategies because the volume of traffic that is directed to a company’s website is not paid for at all.

A company may choose to work on its SEO either in-house or outsource assistance from SEO consultancy firms. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages, what matters is how convenient each is. Many companies are trying to squeeze their budgets to maximize their profits, thus weigh the two to choose the most appropriate way to work on their SEO.

For some companies, seeking aid from SEO agencies is more beneficial as it allows them to have diverse expertise at a minimal cost. While in-house SEO teams may feel more secure to deal with, they may lack in diversity on minimal costs. Only companies that can afford to hire multiple SEO staff with different skill sets can accommodate them in the long run.

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